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New Customers

All seeds offered on this web site may be purchased by calling our offices at (805) 388-2555.

Current Customers

If you are a current customer, please send us your seed order by printing and completing our Seed Order Form (PDF) Seed Order Form Spanish (PDF).

Please Fax or email a signed copy of the Seed Order Form to our offices via:

Email: info@coronaseeds.com  or Fax: (805) 445-8344

We sell only to commercial growers.  This web site is for information purposes only. Before ordering seeds please read the “Terms and Conditions of Sales, Shipment and Payments” below. Seed orders are purchased via a fax or emailed order form using our  Seed Order Form (PDF).

Terms and Conditions of Sales, Shipment and Payments

  • All prices quoted are ExWorks Camarillo, California USA, unless otherwise stated.
  • Price changes are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Payment terms are wire-transfer before shipping, unless otherwise arranged prior to shipment.
  • Shipments are made at Buyers’ Risk.
  • Insurance on shipments is arranged strictly on request of Buyer only.
  • Postage, documentation and shipping fees charged at cost.
  • Packing and documents are charged at cost but not reimbursed in the event of return, unless otherwise stated.
  • All payments are required in U.S. Dollars.

Return Policy

  • Seed can not be returned without prior consent and will be subject to a 15% restocking charge. If returned 30 days from shipment. Seed must be in original unopened containers. No seed can be returned after 30 days from date of shipment. Refunds will be made on seed only. No refunds will be made on special order items, documentation fees, or shipping costs.
  • We are not to be held responsible for bad weather, growing conditions or crop failures under any circumstances.

Warranty Notice to Buyer and Final Users

CORONA SEEDS INC., warrants that the seed we sell will be at the time of delivery to common carrier for shipment to buyer or delivery at our warehouse, as described by us in our container, within recognized tolerances. No other warranty is given, express or implied, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose. Our liability, whether under this warranty or otherwise, is limited and shall not, under any circumstances exceed the amount of the purchase price of the seed, regardless of any cause whatsoever or loss or the nature or extent thereof.
NOTICE: Since crops are subject to may conditions beyond Seller’s control, all seeds sold by CORONA SEEDS INC., are sold as is (Tel Quel) without any warranty express or implied, including by not limited to any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. By acceptance of our seeds, PURCHASER AND ALL SUBSEQUENT TRANSFEREES AGREE THAT ANY LIABILITY OF CORONA SEEDS, INC OR ITS SUPPLIERS., OF WHATEVER NATURE OR THEORY, SHALL BE EXCLUSIVELY LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT OF THE PURCHASE PRICE. As a condition of liability, CORONA SEEDS INC., must receive notice of claim by certified mail within a reasonable Period (not to exceed 30 days) after discovery. In the event of resale or transfer of the seed by the purchaser, CORONA SEEDS INC. , does not adopt, ratify, or accept liability for any warranty, express or implied, given by the PURCHASER insofar as CORONA SEEDS INC., is concerned or responsible, any such resale by PURCHASER is on an as is (Tel Quel) basis. PURCHASER agrees that for any legal action taken, venue will be within the County of Ventura, State of California, the United States of America. In any action under the contract of sale the law of the State of California shall control. This Notice and Warranty Cannot be Changed Orally.
DISEASES: Unless otherwise stated in writing, this seed has not been tested for freedom from seed borne disease and the SELLER disclaims any liability relating to such diseases.

Seeds offered are subject to availability and prior sale.

Terms and Conditions of sales are subject to individual orders and the decision of CORONA SEEDS INC.


CORONA SEEDS INC., garantiza que la semilla que vende, al momento de ser entregada al transportista para ser enviada al comprador o al momento de ser entregada al comprador en nuestra bodega, corresponde dentro de las debidas tolerancias a lo descrito en la etiqueta de nuestros envases.
No otorgamos niniguna otra garantia, ni expresa ni implicita, incluyendo, pero no limiada a, la garantia de comercialización o aptitud para cierto propósito en particular. Nuestra responsabilidad dentro of fuera de esta garantia se limita y no excede, bajo ninguna circunstancia, el precio pagado por la semilla, independientemente de si ocurrieron o no perdidas, asi como de las causas o magnitud de las mismas.
PLAGAS: Un examen patológico de la semilla no puede ser concluyente, y detectar todos los patógenos que pueden estar presentes enun lote de semilla. El vendedor no garantiza que este lote de semilla estè completamente libre de patógenos. El comprador asume la responsabilidad por la perdida que pueda tener como resultado del uso de la semilla de este lote y renuncia a cualquier demands.

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